Pacific Curls

GrassRoots Regina presents world roots trio Pacific Curls in concert.
Hailing from New Zealand and Scotland, this high-energy female trio combines an astonishing array of instruments that includes fiddle, ukulele, guitar, cajon, and Maori traditional instruments with lyrics in Maori, Rotuman, and English to produce an eclectic and progressive mix of world roots music.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Club, 2431 8th Avenue, Regina

Show starts at 8:00 p.m.

Admission: $12 at the door


Pacific Curls is a Celtic Maori Pacific fusion group comprised of Kim Halliday, Sarah Beatie, and Ora Barlow.

Kim Halliday is a multi-instrumentalist from New Zealand who performs on cajon, kalimba, ukulele, and guitar. Her songwriting is the inspiration for the music of the Pacific Curls. Kim’s long time association with the New Zealand music industry, as a performer and business entrepreneur, has put her in hot demand with scores of other bands and musicians. Kim has been involved in over 30 recording projects and numerous projects as a session musician.

Sarah Beatie was born and raised in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and performs with a passion that reflects her deep connection to Scottish music. Her fiddle playing is a unique alchemy of fast and inventive tradition accompanying her signature ‘bass’ chops. Beyond her work with the Pacific Curls, Sarah has toured with such diverse groups as the Scottish National Symphony, Brave Hearts of Scotland and trance dance band Loonaloop.

Ora Barlow hails from New Zealand and performs with a passion for tradition and improvisation. Her musical skills on percussion, ukulele and traditional Maori instruments have helped to facilitate the collaboration of the band. She has released eight albums in the past eight years with three different bands. Ora has also been involved in over 35 recording projects and numerous projects as a session musician.

"...voices made in heaven and instrumental skills to match.” - Wombat Music

“...impressive resume of performance, experience, and musical talent...” - Waikato Times

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