Jay Aymar



GrassRoots Regina is pleased to present Toronto's acoustic singer-songwriter Jay Aymar in concert.

Aymar mixes elements of country, folk and acoustic music with his straight-forward and often humourous lyrics.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Club, 2431 8th Avenue, Regina

Show starts at 8:00 p.m.

Admission: $15 at the door

"Not just another singer-songwriter, Jay Aymar has both the storytelling gift and a natural musicality."
- Jerome Clark - Rambles Magazine

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Jay Aymar is an ordinary guy, with an extraordinary talent. He is constantly writing a song, and that's a gift most folks are not blessed with. Aymar gets his songs from the people he meets, and they are as complicated - and as simple - as the drifter in the tap room, the traveller in the bus station and the school teacher at Starbucks. The winners and losers and lovers and fighters all contribute their voices, adding the details as well as the big ideas. He is the real deal. No pretension, no airs, no showbiz nonsense. Plain as a Tim Horton's double-double and as straight as the highway between Regina and Calgary.

Aymar's songwriting style was born from his literary background. An English major from Carleton University, he lists the likes of humourists Stephen Leacock and Mark Twain as his two greatest inspirations, since they, like him, are writing very localized ideas, with a universal appeal. There is a universal message behind the words, both theirs and his.

Originally from Sault Ste. Marie but now residing in Toronto, Aymar has released six albums over the last dozen years. His most recent release Overtime (2012) follows two breakthrough CDs, Halfway Home (2009) and Passing Through (2011). Aymar often performs with a band but for his Regina appearance he will be performing solo.

"Aymar's storytelling is as easy on the mind as it is on the ears. He counts many veteran industry-insiders as fans."
- Andy Frank - Roots Music Canada

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Overtime audio clip:

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Web site: www.jayaymar.com